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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

This Woman Only Knows One Speed: Go! 

Fantastic team. Special note: I worked with Madeline Chiavetta as my BUYER's agent. I mention this because this is a whole different ball of wax from working with a realtor when you are selling. 

So what makes Madeline fantastic as a buyer's agent? Drive. This woman only knows one speed: go. From the moment we met her we knew she was going to attack the challenge we placed in front of her and she did not disappoint. Let me get more specific. 

If we found a house we liked, Madeline would text us back within 3 minutes saying "I'll meet you there in 5 minutes ". And when she did she would have 2-3 comps lined up for us to see right afterward. 

She got people on the phone when we needed her to. She made sure we were always at the front of the line. When we found the house we really wanted, she got us in and helped us put in an offer before the open house (even though that was technically not how it was 'supposed' to happen). She read the situation very well and as a result we got it without having to deal with a bidding war. 

I should mention that Madeline leverages her considerable social network quite a bit, and we know that made a big difference for us. Her son Mark was extremely helpful and knowledgable as well. And she put us in touch with fantastic mortgage brokers who helped us close less than 3 weeks!

If you want a house in the Almaden Valley and you are looking for a realtor who will really take the bull by the horns, you can't go wrong with the Chiavettas.


The Definition of the Word Confidence

My wife and I have been looking for a house in the Cambrian / Cambrian Park area of San Jose for about 3 years.  We had made several offers with another agent but failed to win on any of them.  It has been a tough tough market.  

From the moment we contacted her Madeline was the definition of the word confidence.  She said that she would find us something.  She was realistic and told us that our constraints were not going to make it easy.  Something we knew full well after 3 years of trying.  She quickly gathered up all of our requirements about the type of the property we were looking for and asked us to give her some time to assess the current inventory landscape.  

Well within a few weeks, she had found a property that exactly fit all of our requirements in terms of size, location, schools, and price range.  Granted, it was at the top of our range, but it was still barely within it. The moment my wife and I walked into the place, we knew that we had to have it.  She understood what we were looking for perfectly and didn't waste our time showing us something that we didn't want.  

What separated Madeline from the competition was that she found this property before it was publicly made available.  She found a highly motivated seller (represented by a different agent) and matched them with us as a highly motivated buyer.  She did her homework and qualified us as a serious buyer to make sure that when she had a good situation that we were serious about pulling the trigger.  She worked quickly putting together a serious offer that was competitive, demanded the attention of the seller and also helped the seller meet their needs in terms of timing.

She navigated through the negotiation process quickly always making sure to take our needs into consideration.  She did not pressure us, and ultimately wanted us to be comfortable with the deal, checking in with us constantly.  She was always careful to protect our interests and minimize any risks. 

We are very happy to have worked with Madeline and truly feel that she has the know how, industry experience, network, ear-to-the-ground that is required to successfully represent a serious and motivated buyer in an extreme seller's market.  We wouldn't even question using Madeline those who are looking to buy in this tough market. 


Broken The Record: What a Rewarding Experience

This is a long overdue thank you for your extraordinary service and support in the sale of our Saratoga home and the purchase of a perfect replacement home in Almaden Valley.

You are a stellar Coldwell Banker Team! More than full service, you provided extended service around the clock, including the emotional support we needed for this sensitive and demanding transition in our lives.

Not only did you secure the price we expected from our sale, you even found us the "spectacular view in a natural setting" that we were looking for in a new home. And just as you said, the entire process turned out to be exciting and fun.

As you know, we had been planning this move for some time but just couldn't seem to get it underway. That happened when we met and selected you to manage our sale. You provided the energy and the area and business expertise we needed. And you even had the patience and the network to make it all happen in a very timely manner.

Thanks for being incredibly responsive, too - you never failed to follow-up on even the most trivial detail. You even took care of our personal move-out/move-in needs and worked around our busy work schedules with all the sale arrangements.

You have "broken the code" to making a home sale rewarding and the transition as easy and comfortable as possible for the client. We have shared our exceptional experience with all our friends - and thanks to you, we even have a beautiful Barbara Bell painting of our Saratoga home to share and display as well.

Our sincere thanks for everything,

Jeannette and Harold
Saratoga, CA